Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD: Philadelphia's Top Weight Loss Doctor

Success lies in making a plan that fits your lifestyle, not trying to make your lifestyle fit into a plan.

Serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, Dr. Charlie Seltzer and his team will help you take control of your life with a medically supervised weight loss program tailored to your personal needs. Our weight loss program includes sustainable and easy to follow, personalized nutrition and exercise plans designed for your individual success. There’s no diets or complicated meal plans. What else? The program is complemented by a comprehensive metabolic workup, medication and supplementation review, personal training and lifestyle modifications that work in concert to optimize physical and mental health and weight loss. If you're looking for a weight loss specialist in the Philadelphia area, look no further than Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD. We service everywhere from Center City, West Philadelphia, Queen Village and Old City to Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Collingswood and more!

Here’s how Our Weight Loss Program Works: 


Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

The less you change, the more likely you are to succeed.
Our weight loss program is built for success. Here’s why: Dr. Seltzer designs sustainable, easy to follow, weight loss plans that will fit into your lifestyle. We’ll never ask you to change your lifestyle to fit into a plan. Dr. Seltzer evaluates any medical issues (including sleep problems, depression, anxiety, hormone, thyroid, hypertension, diabetes, P.C.O.S) as well as reviews and adjusts lifestyle (nutrition, stress management, exercise etc.) to help you lose weight.


Complete Metabolic Workup

Tired, achy, foggy all the time? Are unexplained symptoms negatively impacting your life? Dr. Charlie Seltzer can help.

Before starting any weight loss program, Dr. Seltzer will run a complete metabolic workup (borrowing from traditional and complementary medical philosophies) to pinpoint metabolic, thyroid or hormonal issues that may be influencing your weight loss success and overall health.



Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Work with your existing food habits, not against them.

We don’t do diets or cheat days, but teach our patients to make all foods, whether “healthy” or “unhealthy,” fit into a weight loss plan that’s easy, sustainable and based off an individual’s lifestyle.


Exercise Program Design and Support

The best exercise program is the one that you will do.
It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the gym or a seasoned lifter who wants to up his or her game, Dr. Seltzer will provide the tools and support you need to meet, then surpass, your goals. As the only physician in the country board-certified in Obesity Medicine and certified by ACSM as a Clinical Exercise Specialist, Dr. Charlie Seltzer will craft a customized exercise program based on your individual health, weight loss goals, fitness level, and lifestyle.


Supplement Plan Design

Over 170 million Americans take supplements-but are they working?
After reviewing your complete history, Dr. Seltzer crafts customized, research-backed, and effective supplement regimens for all patients.


Personal Training

Tired of the big box gym environment?
Train in our fully equipped private gym, and get a customized exercise experience paired with the skills, motivation, accountability, and support you need to get in the best shape of your life.


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Success Stories

The proof is in the people.

Dr. Charlie Seltzer’s Weight Loss Story

I used to weigh 240 pounds. I’ve probably lost and gained 60+ pounds five times in my life and tried every diet out there. I know all too well the frustrations, the anger and the temptation of quick fixes. But the last time I had to lose a significant amount of weight was over 10 years ago. If you are struggling with weight loss, I really hope you will give my ideas a try.

As the only physician in the country to be both board-certified in Obesity Medicine and certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Clinical Exercise Specialist, Dr. Seltzer has a unique approach to weight loss that yields real, long-term results. If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, get fit and change your life, Dr. Seltzer will help you get there.

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, ALL MEDICAL VISITS & PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS will be performed VIRTUALLY until further notice. To schedule appointments, refill Rx's, or simply GET SOME SUPPORT contact us at 215-279-8376 or info@drseltzerweightloss.com