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20 April

Anything Is Possible With The Right Plan and Attitude

I have never posted a lifting video, but I have put my own self-consciousness aside to demonstrate what is possible with the right attitude and a good plan.

When I was in medical school, I herniated a disk in my back and couldn’t walk right for almost a year. I had chronic back pain for 10 years after that, and couldn’t squat or deadlift ANYTHING without horrible pain. I decided that was unacceptable and worked on perfecting my form (first with light dumbbells and front squats-which keep the torso more upright and placed less stress on my lower back, then with an unloaded barbell and I progressed from there.)

Now, I still get back pain from time to time, but not from lifting weights. (The last bad episode came after hitting softballs in a batting cage.) In fact, the more I squat and deadlift, the better I feel.

We all know that a strong core protects your lower back. Who will have a stronger core- someone who can pull 400 pounds off the floor or someone who do 30 crunches on a stability ball? I know my answer.

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