Client Love – Patient Testimonial: “I was running out of options.”

August 29, 2018

Many thanks to my patient Rachael B. for writing this testimonial, which in the office we call “Client Love.” I was running out of options. Despite being a runner – and in 2017, having logged 1,000 miles of long runs, marathons and ultras. My body was pretty beat up; an observation confirmed by a visit […]

Here’s Why Your Favorite Celeb’s Diet Might Not Work for You

August 29, 2018

Chances are, at some point, you’ve read a celebrity’s diet tips or food diary and wondered whether you’d look and feel as good if you began your days with a green smoothie, ate a kale salad for lunch, filled your dinner plate with grilled fish and steamed veggies, and topped it all off with a […]

Can I compete as a bodybuilder without using anabolic steroids?

August 29, 2018

It seems I can’t watch more than 20 minutes of golf or football without seeing an ad for Androgel to treat “Low T,” or low testosterone.  The symptoms of low testosterone are very nonspecific, meaning they can come from many other things besides testosterone. While testosterone levels do decline somewhat with aging, an otherwise healthy […]

Thinking of trying the Keto Diet?

August 29, 2018

I am not a fan of anything drastic, and severely restricting carbohydrates for the rest of your life is certainly drastic.  Out of every 1000 people who try it, 990 of them will fail.  And although there may be some long-term risks to a ketogenic diet, they are irrelevant for the vast majority simply because […]

Thoughts on CoolSculpting

August 29, 2018

CoolSculpting seems to be everywhere, so I was excited when Prevention reached out to ask me my opinion on it. If you’re curious about whether it is worthwhile to explore, check out this article. Do you have more questions about this blog post or Dr. Charlie Seltzer’s weight loss program? Contact Us and we’ll get back […]

Should You Take a Magnesium Supplement? And If So, Which One?

August 29, 2018

Magnesium supplementation can lower blood pressure and help you relax before bed. However, if you pick the wrong one, you could end up with significant belly pain. I contributed to this informative article which does a great job of demystifying magnesium supplementation. I frequently test for and recommend magnesium replacement. Give this a read to […]

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

August 29, 2018

This great article from Women’s Health Magazine includes two of my favorite recipes. You don’t NEED to eat breakfast, but if you do, go for something with a good amount of protein, and make sure you like it. Long-term success in weight management suffers if you dread the things you eat. Do you have more […]

What is your BMI? And should you care?

August 29, 2018

If you are looking to improve your health, following you Body Mass Index (BMI) should be toward the bottom of your priority list. Decreasing your body fat percentage and your waistline are much more important. Hopefully, my quotes make sense. Click on the picture to get the full text. Do you have more questions about […]

Basic Weight Lifting Workouts

August 29, 2018

I used to weigh 240 pounds and in my earlier 20’s I had back pain so bad that I couldn’t even walk. Since then, in large part due to weighting training, I’ve been able to control my back pain, keep my weight down, and I actually won an overall body competition in 2012 as the […]

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