Want medically supervised personal training guaranteed to get max results? Train with Dr. Charlie Seltzer in his private gym in Center City, Philadelphia.

Are you intimidated to work out in a big box gym? You’re not alone. Using complicated equipment can be hard to navigate and result in ineffective workouts. Worse yet it can be dangerous and lead to injury.

Get a customized personal training experience in Dr. Seltzer’s private gym located in Center City, Philadelphia.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the gym, getting back into the habit after a hiatus, or a seasoned lifter prepping for competition, Dr. Charlie Seltzer and his staff will provide you with the skills, motivation, accountability, and support you need to get in the best shape of your life.

Using personalized exercise programs designed by Dr. Charlie Seltzer, and overseen by our training staff, clients can take advantage of personal training sessions in our fully-equipped private gym located in the Center City, Philadelphia office.

There’s no waiting for equipment or trying to figure out complicated machines. Training with us means a personalized exercise experience customized for your comfort and fitness level by experts in the field.

Many clients see Dr. Seltzer for medical appointments and train before or afterward to maximize time. We also offer small group sessions to clients that prefer to train with a friend. Gift packages of personal training sessions are also available.

We’ll modify your workout for home or travel so you can lose weight, get stronger, build muscle, restore mobility, balance, and stability. Train with us to see the difference-you’ll get results you never thought possible.

Personal Training is available 7 days a week.