IV Therapy Treatments

IV Therapy offers a variety of benefits that will help you feel your very best!

Dr. Charlie Seltzer IV Therapy Room
IV Therapy treatment with patient

How IV Therapy Can Help

In order to look your best, you need to feel your best, which is why we are excited to offer IV therapy also known as intravenous therapy. This is a method used to deliver fluids, medication, and vitamins through an IV drip. There are a variety of fluids to choose from that can help with immunity, hydration, performance enhancements, and even hangovers!

Some Key Benefits Of IV Therapy Include

Immunity support

IV therapy provides the nutrients and minerals your body needs to help prevent you from getting sick.


Whether you’re an athlete or just living an active lifestyle, fluids can help relieve muscle aches, and increase energy levels.

Mental Health

Did you know IV therapy can help promote relaxation and reduce stress? Try IV therapy when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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Dr Charlie is a thorough, thoughtful and results driven doctor. He listens to what is going on in your life and will help adjust treatments accordingly. I highly recommend Dr Seltzer and his staff to anyone looking for a fresh start.

-Don S.