Nutrition Counseling

Eat what you love to lose weight with our customized nutrition plans.

Dr. Charlie Seltzer, Philadelphia

Understand Your Eating Habits

Do you like to cook at home or get take out? Do you snack throughout the day or prefer to eat a big dinner? Dr. Seltzer will craft a plan around your personal eating habits.

Customize Your Plan

Dr. Seltzer creates customized nutrition plans designed to help you lose body fat in an easy, stress-free, sustainable manner.

Sports Nutrition for Performance

Are you an athlete looking for sports nutrition? Dr. Seltzer designs nutrition and supplement plans for athletes to optimize strength and performance.

Flexible diet

Flexible Eating For Great Results

We don’t do diets or cheat days, and no food is considered “healthy,” “unhealthy,” or off-limits.

We’ll help you achieve weight loss success by:

  • Teaching you to fit all foods into an overall nutrition plan.
  • Not depriving you of your favorite foods.
  • Removing the pattern of seeing food as a punishment or reward.

Nutrition Plans for All Lifestyles

Our patients range from bodybuilders and figure competitors looking for a sports nutrition plan to women and men who need to lose significant weight for health reasons.

  • Always on the go? No time for food prep? No problem. Restaurant meals, take out, fast food-it’s all allowed in your plan.
  • Do you like to cook but don’t think you can have what the rest of the family likes to eat? We’ll give you recipes everyone will enjoy.
  • Vegan or Vegetarian? FNS Nicole Spaulding is experienced in creating plant-based weight loss nutrition plans and recipes.
  • Training for a competition? We’ll show you how to make the most of your macronutrients to get the results you want without feeling deprived.
Online Nutrition counseling

Online Nutrition Counseling

Just have a few pounds left to lose or can’t get to our office for visits? Get the support you need virtually with Online Nutrition Counseling.

You’ll get:

  • Confidential one-on-one virtual meetings ensure dedicated time to solve your weight loss challenges.
  • On-demand email correspondence. Contact us whenever you need extra support.
  • Our one-on-one sessions and materials teach you the foundation of our weight loss and nutrition methods.
  • The tools you need to take control of your weight loss and health. No cleanses, no shakes, no gimmicks – just guidance and support when and where you need it most.

Need Extra Support?

 For the patient who needs extra nutrition support, we offer additional services like meal planning, grocery shopping lists, restaurant menu selections, and reconstruction of your favorite recipes!


Love Candy? We Do Too!

Watch Dr. Seltzer’s interview on ZDogg MD to find out how he lost 30 pounds while eating jelly beans!

wine glass

Go Out Without The Guilt

With Dr. Seltzer’s program, no food is off-limits. We’ll show you how to make Happy Hour specials and restaurant meals fit into a customized weight loss plan.


Make All Foods Fit

Did you know 1 glazed donut has fewer calories and fat than an apple with 2 Tbs. of peanut butter? Make your favorite foods your friend again, and still lose weight.

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