Identify underlying medical issues with a Complete Metabolic Workup.

Do you have symptoms that no one has been able to figure out? Tired, achy, foggy all the time? Do you have a thyroid or hormone condition that has been mismanaged? You’re not alone; watch Erika’s story and see how Dr. Seltzer helped.

Get to the bottom of the problem with a complete metabolic workup.

Before starting any weight loss program Dr. Seltzer will run a complete metabolic workup (borrowing from both traditional and complementary medical philosophies) to look for any issues that may be impacting your weight loss success, overall health, and wellness. Dr. Seltzer treats all patients, including those who suffer from thyroid disease, Lyme, PCOS, low Testosterone, hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, and food addiction. Dr. Seltzer takes a 360-degree approach by evaluating and addressing all factors that contribute to poor health and failed attempts at weight loss.

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