Nutrition Counseling That Works

The process begins by simply asking the patient: what’s your relationship with food? Do you like to cook at home or get take out? Do you snack throughout the day or prefer to eat a big dinner?  Do you travel for work? Do you like dessert or wine in the evenings? Do you use food to cope with stress or do you eat for pleasure? Have you struggled with binge eating or an eating disorder? Have you worked with nutritionists in the past that don’t understand your personal needs? 

Based on your existing habits and behaviors Dr. Seltzer outlines nutrition goals to that allow you to lose weight slowly and consistently. The goal is to lose body fat (not water and muscle mass) by making moderate changes calorically and tweaking macronutrients. We counsel patients one-on-one and devise creative ways to allow them to eat their favorite foods while losing weight in an easy, stress-free, sustainable manner.

 We don’t do diets or cheat days, and no food is deemed “healthy,” “unhealthy” or off limits. We teach patients to make all foods, from steamed vegetables to birthday cake, fit into an overall plan. By taking away the element of deprivation we remove the pattern of seeing food as punishment or reward.

Our patients range from bodybuilders and figure competitors looking for a sports nutrition plan to women and men who need to lose significant weight for health reasons. And everyone in between.

Our staff will help you navigate specific situations (like weddings, dinners with clients or meals while traveling) which may otherwise hinder your progress. For the patient who needs extra support, we offer additional services like meal planning, shopping lists and reconstruction of your favorite recipes.

Dr. Seltzer shows patients how to not only lose weight but maintain weight loss for the rest of their lives.

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