Over 170 million Americans take vitamins-but how do they know they’re working?

Many of us use supplements to improve health, lose weight, and restore emotional balance. Yet we don’t know if we’re getting the desired effects, or if dosing and possible interactions have been correctly addressed. At best, many supplements are ineffective. At worst, they can be dangerous.

Want to eliminate the guesswork? Let Dr. Seltzer design a supplement plan that is researched-backed, safe and effective.

Dr. Seltzer’s extensive knowledge of supplements can help all patients. His supplement plans can aid in weight loss, muscle building, mood, energy, memory, inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, and digestion, and physical performance.

Did you know that many supplements typically associated with competitive athletes have the same or greater benefit for the average person?

A blend of essential amino acids (EAA/BCAA) taken during resistance training will not only help bodybuilder hold onto muscle while preparing for a show but also help a grandparent avoid a hip fracture.

Whether you want to be able to pick up your grandchild or PR a deadlift, or simply feel better, Dr. Seltzer’s customized supplement plans will benefit you.

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