Tired of dieting? Find out why our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program works.

Countless patients visit our office in Center City, Philadelphia discouraged by their personal weight loss struggles. “Why can’t I lose weight?” they ask. “I eat a healthy diet and I’m in the gym all the time. I’ve tried so many diets – Paleo, Low-carb, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, cleanses and detoxes-and the weight always comes back. I’m tired of the yo-yo. Why do I continue to fail?”

The answer is simple: these diets, often paired with extreme exercise regiments, are not sustainable. They were created for mass markets or celebrities with infinite time or resources and impossible for the average person to recreate. In short, they set you up for failure before you even begin.

Why is our approach different?  Dr. Seltzer designs sustainable, easy to follow, weight loss plans that will fit into your lifestyle. We’ll never ask you to change your lifestyle to fit into a plan. 

Using an evidence-based approach to weight loss, Dr. Seltzer combines nutrition counseling with custom exercise design to create programs tailored to the individual. We complement our weight loss plans with a complete metabolic workup, medications, supplements, and lifestyle modifications that work in concert to optimize health, fat loss and weight loss.

He begins by exploring WHY a person has gained weight –  medical problems, poor sleep, lifestyle, family and work commitments, stress, anxiety, depression, body image issues, and emotional eating. They all play a part in weight gain and weight loss. Dr. Seltzer takes an in-depth look at each patient’s unique situation. There’s no shakes, fasting or cleanses. You eat what you like and what makes sense for YOU. Stop being a captive to the latest weight loss crazes, Body Mass Index, and exercises that don’t make sense for your body. Whether you need to lose 20 or 200 pounds, you’ll get the support to lose weight and the knowledge you need to keep it off for a lifetime.

How Fast Will I See Weight Loss Results?

Most of our clients see results within the first couple of weeks of starting the program, but that’s not where the magic happens.

What good is a weight loss program that has a short-term focus?

The magic of our program is that it is built for long-term success, meaning you can still eat your favorite foods and see the pounds melt off!

Is This a Weight Loss Program That Works for Both Men and Women?

Absolutely! Dr. Seltzer crafts weight loss plans that work for either gender, since it is fully customized and tailored towards your likes and dislikes when it comes to food.

In fact, Dr. Seltzer’s plans work for everyone from Justin who wanted to get rid of his “dad bod,” to Erika who was looking for help with health issues she was facing.

Weight Loss Program Reviews

I was running out of options. Despite being a runner – and in 2017, having logged 1,000 miles of long runs, marathons and ultras. My body was pretty beat up; an observation confirmed by a visit to the Rothman Institute. I left the visit with a prescription for physical therapy, and a brace for my right ankle.

My physical therapist was confident a return to running was possible. And over the course of several months, and twice weekly sessions, I made a slow return to running. Meanwhile, I was looking for an exit strategy at my job – it had been a toxic workplace – and despite helping force many positive changes; I knew I needed to leave. Kind colleagues were curious if I was pregnant or just getting fat. If I was pregnant, they were ready to prepare a party; if I was just getting fat, well, they were concerned about my health.

Like I said, I was running out of options. In 2010, I had lost a lot of weight with the help of a nutritionist and running. Now, at the end of
2017, I had gained back a lot of that weight and was losing the gains I had made through running because of injury. At the physical therapist’s office, I took note of a brochure from Dr. Seltzer’s office.

In 2018, I quit my job, started by own business. Surprisingly, my stress level decreased. I wasn’t back to full time running and my own attempts
at losing weight by invoking what I learned in 2010 weren’t working. I had the brochure from Charlie’s office – I picked up the phone and called.

It was February and I weighed 164 pounds when I came in for my first appointment. I then spent more than an hour with Dr. Seltzer and was
introduced to Emily – my nutritionist and later my trainer.

It was a different approach to weight loss than my experience in 2010. Just a few rules – track everything in a food diary, drink lots of water,
pay attention to protein intake and mind the total calories.

Fast track to today. I have lost 27 pounds, my cholesterol is down, my blood pressure is down, Dr. Seltzer properly diagnosed my thyroid disease
as an auto-immune disorder, my migraines have ceased, and I can deadlift 145 pounds. My body composition has been radically altered by training with Emily Northington –  Dr. Seltzer’s lead trainer
– I am leaner and stronger than I have ever been. This is the big deal for me – I am 51 years old and I feel like I am in my twenties.

I see Charlie once a month, I see Emily once a week for training sessions and speak with her once a month about my nutrition needs. Appointments
with Charlie are insightful and fun. When he reviews my food diary, he does so with an eye to make sure I am eating and drinking the things I love, like wine and chocolate. One of the things I learned about this experience opposed to my other weight-loss effort has been the importance of a varied and fun diet. Last time, I was regimented – eating nearly the same thing over and over again because I was afraid to go off script and gain weight. Of course, when I eventually did go off script, I went way off. The approach in this office for patients recognizes the simple fact that we are not robots programmed to eat the same thing every day.

When my old friends see me; they are kinda dumbfounded. They assume that I have lots of rules in my life around eating; after all, this is
what we believe works. Even after I tell them I don’t – they still question me! When I see my colleagues at the old job, they are concerned that I am now getting too lean. I am not. I am 5’ 7”, 137 pounds, a size 4 or 6, and I have muscles, definition, energy, optimism. I am confident that this loss will be maintained. While I have decided to take a year off from running, I have discovered a new passion – powerlifting. And, with Charlie and Emily’s help and encouragement, I am going to try my hand at competition.

I look forward to my appointments at Seltzer’s office. It is a welcoming and fun office. Inevitably, I learn something new and if corrections
need to be made, they are clear and understandable. As I think back on the conversations with Charlie and Emily, I realize that everything they said about the weight loss, body composition, and maintenance has borne out. I know it is rooted in science and understandings of human behavior; and yet it feels magical. I started 2018 with few options and carrying around lot of weight. I am closing in 2018 full of energy and optimism, confidence and strength; and I cannot wait for 2019.

Thank you all!

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