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Nutritional Counseling

Keep your nutrition goals on track.

Emily, in addition to holding a Master’s Degree in Health and Physical Activity, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Every day she helps people figure out how to make their lifestyles compatible with the nutrition goals and exercise that Dr. Seltzer has identified for them.

Typically, the process begins by setting defined calorie goals and protein goals, and then Emily will work with you to figure out how to hit those numbers in the way that makes it easiest to achieve. All of this happens without making any major dietary changes that would be too hard to commit to given your lifestyle, so Emily’s goal is to simply tweak your current habits in order to fit with the numbers that will ultimately give you positive results.

Additionally, Emily can help you prepare for and navigate specific situations (like weddings, dinners with clients or travel) which may otherwise hinder your progress.