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Sports Supplement Design

Let the science tell you what to use!

Supplements can be expensive and some can be outright dangerous. (link to a media post on it).

Proper supplementation can help most people. A well-designed plan is ideal not only for those looking to train for a Physique competition or to enhance physical performance in the gym but also for an average person who just wants to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Dr. Seltzer has extensive knowledge of sports supplements and their safe, appropriate use.

After reviewing your goals, labs, medical history and medications, Dr. Seltzer will customize a supplement regimen that is research-backed, safe and effective. Supplements can’t fix a poor nutrition plan, but with proper use, they can improve your health, speed recovery and fat loss, elevate energy and improve your body composition.

Get your SPORTS SUPPLEMENT DESIGN scheduled today.