The Philly Sugar Tax (But not just sugar…)

I went into Vitamin Shoppe yesterday and was dumbfounded to find out that my Isopure (zero carbs, 40 grams of protein) was subject to the sugar tax!!! Apparently, anything with a sugar substitute is also taxable under the law. I am thoroughly confused. I assumed (wrongly, apparently) that the tax was a double positive: dissuade people from drinking sugar-sweetened beverages and generate extra income for the city. (From The tax was billed as a way to fund community schools, prekindergarten programs, recreation centers, libraries and parks.)

Sounds good to me. Except this seems to me like a blanket tax on drinks. If I am misunderstanding this please let me know, but I worry I am not.

A tax on protein drinks? I am flabbergasted.  What’s next? Incentives to not exercise?

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