Happy Hour Survival Guide

Yes, You Can Still Go to Happy Hour

Summer is here, the season of happy hour.  Center City Sips is in full swing, Spruce Street Harbor Park is up and running and the area is sprouting beer gardens left and right.  So it’s no surprise to us at Lean4Life that at this time of the year, we hear many of our patients express concern that their progress will be sidelined by summer socializing and the inevitable temptation of food and drink that goes with it.

happy hourNever fear!

I designed this sample Happy Hour menu to illustrate how it is possible to enjoy a drink or two with the after-work crowd without derailing your success.  By reviewing the menus of a few hip Happy Hour spots around the city, I was able to: 1) Limit total calorie intake, 2) Establish a minimum protein requirement to promote satiety, and 3) Allow the diner to partake in-house specials and Happy Hour deals worry-free.  Estimations are based on pictures of the dishes found on Yelp and Trip Advisor, as well as on the nutrition breakdown of similar dishes found at restaurants that publish their nutritional information.

This menu is only one example; I am available to help tailor an approach specific to your individual needs and preferences or guide you in the creation of your own game plan.  You’re welcome to contact me at [email protected] to set up an appointment to discuss your summer goals and troubleshoot any potential pitfalls.  Together, we can devise a strategy to keep on track without passing on the fun.

It’s time to go out and unwind with your colleagues!  Grab a bite.  Order a drink.  With a bit of forethought, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the summer.

Disclaimer: Yes, you can fit alcohol into your macros, but this isn’t a free pass from Lean4Life to do it all the time.  Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to a whole host of negative health impacts, as well as the risk of nutritional deficiencies when alcohol replaces food in the context of a calorie deficit.  Please drink responsibly.

Download the Philadelphia Happy Hour Menu here: Happy-Hour-Survival-Guide-1400

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