Wedding Shredding Weight Loss Plan

Transform your body with Dr. Seltzer’s
12-Week Wedding Shredding Exercise & Nutrition Program.

Medical Evaluation with Dr. Seltzer

You’ll meet with medical weight-loss expert and exercise physiologist, Dr. Charlie Seltzer, to evaluate your health, discuss your weight loss goals & create a safe and effective weight loss plan based on your lifestyle, and relationships with food & exercise.

Custom Exercise & Nutrition Plan

Planning a wedding is hard. With our program you won’t get a crash diet that adds to your stress. We’ll help you shed those pounds with an easy, sustainable plan that will allow you to lose body fat, and get stronger and leaner while still eating your favorite foods.

Support & Accountability

You’ll meet with Dr. Seltzer and his team 4 times a week, either in person or virtually, to help you gradually master sustainable eating and exercise habits. Does the groom need weight loss help too? Ask us about our Couples Wedding Shredding Package.

Your Wedding Shredding Weight Loss Solution

What’s the difference between Dr. Seltzer’s 12-week Wedding Shredding Weight Loss Program and typical wedding diets? Leave the weight loss to us so you can focus on the important details of planning a wedding.

  • Our 12-week program is customized for the bride’s lifestyle, physical and mental health, body, and dress type. Great for the groom too!
  • Dr. Seltzer and his team create custom nutrition and personal training plans, so you don’t have to.
  • Unlike typical wedding diets, you can use our plan after the wedding to maintain your wedding day body.

Your Wedding Shredding Personal Training Plan

Philly’s Top Personal Trainer, Jen Kranjec will help transform your body via personalized training sessions customized for your body and dress fitting timeline. She’ll even help you target the areas you most want to show off on your big day.

  • Is your dress backless? Jen will sculpt your back and traps.
  • Strapless? She’ll develop your shoulders and arms.
  • Mermaid? Lower body exercises will get you strong and lean so your dress fits like a glove.

Too busy to get to our gym in Center City? We’ll bring the personal training to you via virtual training sessions using the equipment you have at home.

Does your wedding party want to get in shape? Ask us about semi-private personal training sessions so everyone can meet their wedding day fitness goals as a team!

Your Wedding Shredding Weight Loss Nutrition Plan

You’ll meet with our Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Nicole Spaulding, twice a month to get the support and accountability you need to help keep your wedding weight loss goals on track.

  • Nicole will craft creative meal plans and recipes to include your favorite foods that will keep your weight loss goals on track and support your training program.
  • Think you can’t go out with your friends and still lose weight? Nicole will help you navigate wedding showers, lunches, and dinners out and pre-wedding events so you can enjoy yourself while still losing weight.
  • Help you set realistic weight loss goals, stay motivated & work with you to adjust your plan.

Does your wedding party need help with weight loss? Ask us about Online Nutrition Counseling and Wedding Party Weight Loss groups guaranteed to inspire your entire wedding party to meet their goals as a team.

Wedding Shredding FREE Workout

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