Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Get life-long results with a weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle.

What You'll Get With Our Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Step 1: Medical Evaluation

Dr. Seltzer will discuss your weight loss goals, current lifestyle & medical history, and relationships with food and exercise. He’ll order a complete metabolic lab workup and gather information on your day-to-day nutrition.

Step 2: Your Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Seltzer will create a personalized nutrition & exercise plan to maximize your weight loss success. He will also address and treat medical issues-depression, hormone and thyroid disease, hypertension, diabetes, and P.C.O.S.

Step 3: Support + Accountability

Twice monthly visits with Dr. Seltzer and his team of experts to gradually help you master sustainable, stress-free eating habits & find a fitness plan that’s right for you. You’ll learn how to lose weight & keep it off for a lifetime.

Need an Easy, Sustainable Weight Loss Program?

Then Dr. Seltzer’s Comprehensive Weight Loss Program is the solution you’ve been looking for. Dr. Seltzer pairs a research-backed, science-based approach to weight loss with the regular support you need to meet your goals.

Our Comprehensive Weight Loss Program is built around your lifestyle and customized for your success. We’ll never ask you to change your lifestyle to fit into a plan. Eliminate the guesswork and let us show you how to lose weight without the deprivation.

  • Complete Metabolic Workup. Tired, achy, foggy all the time? Are unexplained symptoms negatively impacting your life? Dr. Seltzer will run a complete metabolic workup (borrowing from traditional and complementary medical philosophies) to pinpoint metabolic, thyroid or hormonal issues that may be influencing your health and weight loss success.


  • Personalized Weight Loss Program. Diets don’t work. Why? They’re created for mass markets, not the individual, so they set you up for failure even before you begin. Here’s the opportunity to take control of your health and weight with a medically supervised weight loss program that is tailored to your personal needs. Dr. Seltzer devises creative, personalized nutrition, and exercise plans designed for YOU, to help you lose weight in an easy, stress-free, sustainable manner.

Your Personalized Nutrition Plan

We work with your existing food habits, not against them. Plus we’ll give you the consistent support you need to lose weight.

  • Personalized Nutrition Counseling. We don’t do diets or cheat days at Dr. Seltzer Weight Loss. Instead, we teach you how to make all foods, whether “healthy” or “unhealthy,” fit into a weight loss plan that’s easy, sustainable, and based on your lifestyle. Whether you cook at home, live on take-out, frequent happy hours, or eat on the road, we’ll help you navigate any meal and give you the one-on-one support you need to lose weight.


  • Supplement Plan Design. Tired of spending money on supplements that don’t work? Dr. Seltzer crafts customized, research-backed, effective supplement regimens to improve health and physical performance. All patients can benefit from Dr. Seltzer’s extensive knowledge of supplements that aid in weight loss, mood, sleep, energy, memory, joint pain, arthritis, and muscle building. Did you know a blend of essential amino acids (EAA/BCAA) taken during resistance training will not only help bodybuilders hold onto muscle while preparing for a show but also help a grandparent avoid a hip fracture!

Get Your Rx For Fitness Success!

With over 25 years of training experience, Dr. Seltzer is the only physician in the country that is both board-certified in Obesity Medicine & certified by ACSM as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

  • Exercise Program Design and Support Don’t like to exercise or want better results from your workouts? Dr. Seltzer crafts customized exercise programs based on your individual health, lifestyle, weight loss and body recomposition goals, no matter your fitness level.


  • Physician Supervised Personal Training. Work out with Certified Personal Trainer Jen Kranjec using programs designed by Dr. Seltzer so you’ll stay safe and get max results. Too busy to get to our gym in Center City? We’ll bring the personal training to you via virtual sessions using the equipment you have at home.

FREE Medical Weight Loss Evaluation

Talk to Dr. Seltzer about your personal weight loss journey with a Free Medical Weight Loss Evaluation.

Find out what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime.


Love Candy? We Do Too!

Watch Dr. Seltzer’s interview on ZDogg MD to find out how he lost 30 pounds while eating jelly beans!

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Go Out Without The Guilt

With Dr. Seltzer’s program, no food is off-limits. We’ll show you how to make Happy Hour specials and restaurant meals fit into a customized weight loss plan.


We Make All Foods Fit

Did you know 1 glazed donut has fewer calories and fat than an apple with 2 Tbs. of peanut butter? Make your favorite foods your friend again and still lose weight.