What do our patients eat to lose all the weight they do?

Weight loss is simple: Eat fewer calories than you burn. Doing this in the context of your life is what becomes challenging. By keeping an accurate account of what you have been doing, then tweaking to bring down calories is always a better idea than trying a “diet” or a trying to overhaul your lifestyle starting tomorrow morning.

I show this entry from one of our client’s nutrition log below not because I think this is how everyone should eat, but to show how this woman is eating, and she has lost over 70 pounds since June. She may be the busiest person I have ever met and likes fast food, so asking her to prep and pack food every day was just not going to happen. We know that less body fat means a longer, healthier life, and this is how she is lowering her body fat.

Is this “ideal?” I guess it depends on what your definition of ideal is. It is certainly working for her! If you want to be lean and happy, find out what works for you, not what a book or the internet says is the “best” way to eat.

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